Engaging Interactive 3D Videos In a Snap!

With Storyxy, you got access to an amazing 3D animation platform that you can create your very own custom interactive 3D videos with..

And with the software, you got the ability to add up to 3 characters per scene, set camera angles, pick form a selection of backgrounds, and export in HD…

Introducing Storyxy Pro!

We’ll automate the entire process of camera angles, activating our proprietary ACC technology which is our automatic cinematography change technology which detects and automatically positions the camera by who’s speaking.

Giving you the ability to add up to 13 characters per scene, giving you the ultimate interactive character experience. Each character comes with up to 70 gestures, motions, and expressions.

The hottest word in video right now! Storyxy Pro allows you to render 360 degree videos that work anywhere that 360 videos are accepted!

Unrestricted access to allow you to upload your OWN foreground and background videos to your Storyxy videos!

Sample 360 Videos

Extra Characters Included in PRO Upgrade


Get 30 More Characters With Your Upgrade to Pro!

Each Character has up to 70 custom gestures and movements!

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