Introducing VIP Access to Storyxy Library!

Hey it’s Andrew and one last thing..I’ll keep this really simple and short.

How would you like 100 more 3D animated characters AND 100 more 3D backgrounds loaded into your Storyxy software?

And how would like it, if we kept adding in more and more, each and every month?

Then you need to pay close attention as I’m about to give you instant and unrestricted VIP access to our exclusive Storyxy Library.

Get Instant Access to
100 Characters & 100 Backgrounds!

100 Unique, Custom 3D Animated Characters

Each character includes up to 70 animations, gestures, andfacial expressions

Value: $50 Per Character

Total Real World Value: $5,000

100 Unique, Custom 3D Optimized Backgrounds

Custom build backgrounds for Storyxy Software

Value: $30 Per Background

Total Real World Value: $3,000

PLUS ­ Get Exclusive Access To All Future Characters & Backgrounds!

Get VIP Access to Storyxy Library!

Special pricing available only to new, invited Storyxy members only.

Storxy Library App



Normal Price: $79 per month.



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Storxy Library App


Instantly Save $135

Normal Price: $497 per year.


Annual access gives you 5 Months FREE vs Monthly Option.

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No Thank You Andrew, I understand the value of the 100 characters and backgrounds, but at this time, I do not need it and will pay a la carte pricing up to $50 per characters and $30 per backgrounds as I need them. Please take me to Storyxy!

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